Any way to get the documentation/ reference sections as a PDF (or other ebook format)

The documentation and reference sections of this website are pretty extensive and any adequately-complete ebook representation of them would likely be thousands of pages and many megabytes but still, I want to read it while I'm on walks and I have a kindle now, so...

Sorry if this is the wrong section (I didn't want to put it in one of the programming sections because it didn't pertain directly to a programming goal or language facility), or if what I'm asking for is illegal in any way. If such is the case I plead ignorance of the law (which I hear is no excuse, but at least this thread is easy to delete, right?)
You can download the entire tutorial as a PDF:

As for the reference sections, that I'm not so sure about, especially with the revisions that are in the works.


Sorry if I didn't do enough digging before asking.
Naw, it's fine. Also, you posted this in the right section. :)

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