What language is the VxWorks operating system written in? Does any one know. VxWorks by Wind River Systems.
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It's written in C, like pretty much every OS from the 80s.
That's smart of you. Thanks.
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preresearch: my guess is its *nix based so probably a combination of assembly/c
post research: based on wikipedia and their faq, my answer stays the same. it doesnt explicitly say it, but your going to need assembly for sure and because it said that one can theoretically port code from unix to vx with ease, that makes me suspect c was involved
not *nix-based, actually, and yes there's a bit of assembly (e.g in the BSP), but mostly C.
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not *nix-based,

sorry i misspoke. upon reading i found out that it wasnt unix, but shared some similarities to unix
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