has anyone tried this out yet?

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https://www.dartlang.org/ apparently its by google
I just saw a facebook post about this. I'm thinking of looking into it.
First Go, now Dart? They're just trying to outpace the competition.

EDIT: It looks really nice :)
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I think it looks pretty cool. I plan on trying it out at some point..
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I really like it, although I haven't used it for a while. Unfortunately, I think it only works on their "Dartium" browser. I liked GO too, but it wasn't really anything special, I guess.
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I think it only works on their "Dartium"

If you mean web apps written in Dart then no it is supported on all modern browsers though compilation to JavaScript (At least that is what the website says...)
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@Zereo Yeah, I forgot about that. I haven't used it since about 11 months ago.
Apparently Notch's Christmas-themed game "Last Minute Chopping" was made in Dart:
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