Coding and Dating, any experiences you want to share.

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To be fair, there wasn't much of a thread to derail. I don't think you have problems Script Coder. In the wider world, being good at mathematics and coding means you're likely to make friends with people good at mathematics and coding... I have found them to be generally wonderful people and you probably will too. :)

Oh and as for girlfriends, I wouldn't worry or be embarrassed... All in good time. ;)
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yeah i mean i know im only 17 (this is one of the times when age does matter i guess. this is where metalburr should have attacked me if i had argued here ;) ) but i havent had a girl friend yet.
In the wider world, being good at mathematics and coding means you're likely to make friends with people good at mathematics and coding
or you know you are now an asset to someone else. im friends with this six-foot tall guy, and as such i would never get bullied. it was awesome. of course i practically wrote his government paper so its the least he could do but anyways /rant.
I had my first girlfriend when I was 17. It has been of no benefit to me in later life to have dated someone when I was that age. I would consider my first serious girlfriend to have been when I was 19. Around that age, I think that relationships are better.
yeah i mean i know im only 17 but i havent had a girl friend yet.


or you know you are now an asset to someone else. im friends with this six-foot tall guy, and as such i would never get bullied.

I am glad to say that the last time I was bullied was 5 years ago, and I am now completely over it.

Around that age, I think that relationships are better.

Agreed, after high school is usually a better time.
I used to get bullied, not in High School tho.
About partners, I've had two short-term relationships.
No sexual acts involved tho.
I left the first one because she was a money wh..., and the second one because I wasn't feeling good with her.
My first one was at age 13 or 14 (Yep, I did realize she was comin' out with me for money), where the second one, I was 15 or 16.
The second one was 19 tho, probably one of the reasons I wasn't feeling good with her.

Something interesting is how we came up together (The 2nd one).
We were in the same school (High school, 2nd and last year - private school).
She lived with her mother and the father "left her" (as in, gone away, but alive).
She one day took a picture of him at school, and a friend recognized him to be a guy who used to be in my same city.
So we chose one day to get away from school, we've done half the road in a bus, half on foot (It was quite a long trip).
We finally arrived and waited for him to come to the bar he usually goes to.
In the end, that guy WAS the father, and the mom wanted him to leave the family.

She was really happy to meet him, it was something I could only have seen in movies, we were all like crying.

She's gone living by her dad who gifted her a mobile (Her mom didn't want to, even if she was 19).

Then, one of the days where we met by my house, she asked me out, and I accepted.
I eventually ended up trying to teach her basilar binary operations like addition and subtraction (Yep, in binary).

Still I didn't feel comfortable with her, maybe because of the age, idk.

Also, even her dad's "girlfriend" asked me out and I felt scared as fuck, but good enough to refuse.
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LOL SGH, Im thinking you must be rich or handsome, im thinking both :*
Well the first problem is I don't (and more embarrassingly, have never) had a girlfriend. I am one of those guys that is kinda like the nerd of the school

I know that feel bro (only had 1 gf so far), although I'm kinda in 2 minds about your "teen dating" point after that. Late teens (eg 16+) I feel that we're sensible enough to learn from whatever happens (in any situations).

Anyways I think it'd just be cool to have someone that's at least interested in my hobbies (whether or not also sharing some of the hobbies), being interested is a great way to keep things going, and if people are interested then they quite often end up learning anyway.

But yeah, it'd be even better to have a gf that'd be into coding (or again any other shared hobbies).
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Wait she asked YOU out? Whhhaatttt...
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so pretty much... sgh is the complete package
@devon: Neither one in a particular way.
We are averagely rich (As in, we have the average amount of money everyone has here) and I am averagely handsome.
You can't tell I am cute, neither that I am ugly.
Or, at least, I'm not the cutest, neither the ugliest.

Oh well, about what you meant, yep, we USED to have quite a good amout of money. I haven't been viced that much tho, I'm not completely upset about our economical situation.
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I apologize for resurrecting a dead thread, however I'd like to thank all who have posted here, reading this has made me feel at ease.
And freaked you out to high heaven and you're now wanting to keep as far away from SGH as possible?!

@EssGeEich (I kid)
@GuNNeR cheers
@Satsuma lol
What is it with coding and dating? I see this sort of thread spring up at all kind of game dev and programming sites. I guess the reason I don't understand it is because I am married and have a child so I don't have to worry about dating of any kind.
I tried looking for women who are like minded to myself on face book. As it happens it did not go so well, pretty scary, on the other hand there are tons of interesting and hot women on, so I joined up. :P Yeah baby!!!
@Manga - Have you never thought of you know like, going out to meet real women?
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pffft theyre a myth
*clear throat*
I've been with a real woman for 12 years of which we have been married 10 years and have a 8 almost 9 year old son together. :P
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Not as much as you'd think, they exist, in such a small number not even a long double could hold the percentage.
@ BHXSpecter: If you reread your own sentence you'll know exactly what DTSCode is saying. In your own example, what you consider to be a real women has been "off the market" so to speak for well over a decade and the fact that you are married shows that she has no intention of reentering the dating scene anytime soon (I'd bet cash that you didn't meet her at some dance club anyway). IIRC you're not that old so let's say you married her in your early to mid twenties showing that these specimens are removed from the dating pool virtually from the start and for extended periods of time. So barring some exceptions that are few and far between, you could say that the ability to go out and meet (as in date) real women is statistically insignificant, or to put it bluntly, a myth.
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