Installation of mpg123


I just wanted to know if anyone here has installed mpg123 with C::B or VS. I tried just adding the sources to my project directory but that doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciated.


Also can you suggest a library that can be used to play Mp3 files in C++?
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I've had no experience with mpg123, but I can answer your edit.

You'll probably need two libraries to play an MP3 file: one for the file decoding, and one for the actual playback. For the former, maybe libavcodec has something. For the latter, I personally would recommend RtAudio.

Thanks for the reply!

And waht do you think about irrKlang( ). I've been experimenting it since the last one hour.
I guess IrrKlang is just the lib for the job for playing mp3 files(for me at the moment)!
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