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Hey how do you Make your own ssh client? raw data doesnt work

I been looking this up but havent found any where to start, I dont think anyone on the net has even tried, I jsut want to make my own ssh client for uni uni uni.
What do you mean?
A quick google gave me two links that I think could be pretty helpful:

havent found any where to start

1) Some sort of networking library
2) Understand the SSH or appropriate protocol
3) Code

Like Resident Biscuit said, you are not asking a very clear question.
okay if I connect to port 22 with a hostname I dont log in with ssh I dont get asked a password, there seems to be some kind of end thing going on.

Couldnt find the protocol to op in, also never really understood enough to know how to ask the question, seem to be on the right track now :)


There is more to ssh than just logging in. You can't just 'telnet hostname.domain 22' and expect anything to happen.
Wow its complex, Awesome :P

Thank you thats perfect.
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OpenSSH is also... open. You can look at that for details.
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