hello everybody

I found a type of URL that is not very usual :


is the underscore something normal ? is the URL something normal? what is the type of this URL? any information about it?
Dereferencing that URL yields a non-existent server. :P

this URL is only an example for demonstration nothing more

none one says that it yields an existent server . But such a syntax exists
I mean the underscore after the com append with a word

like in com_newlife. So I want to know what is special in this com_newlife and why the underscore after the com


My guess is, it is just a common website.
yes , may be you are right

i think , maybe, that the developer of the site want it like that an unconventional way
an unconventional URL . a sexy URL :) not like others

I say maybe
Yep, That's what I meant.
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