Windows 7 or 8?

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You do have multiple svchost.exe running but they won't show up in your process list. Run the command I posted about and you will see ;p

But I am going to drop out of this thread because it is becoming quite obvious this had nothing to do with comparing Windows 8 and 7. Instead it is more towards hating on Windows 8.
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I'm not a huge windows fan, 7, or 8, but I still haven't heard very many arguments why 7 is better than 8 which are accurate.

It seams like, for the most part, people just don't like that they don't have a start menu.

It would be beneficial if this thread continues to make a list of pros and cons, and when something is debunked, it gets crossed off the list.
Improved file moving dialog
improved search feature
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Alright: I cede that there are some nice features in windows 8, but I can't deal with all the other crap it does. If it didn't have hidden automatic ninja "maintainence" (that I believe isn't maintainence at all!), I might even find it nice. Unfortunately, this system was very poorly designed for desktop users.

Also, does the volume save for windows 8.1, when headphones are plugged in? (aka: in Ubuntu, the volume changes when you plug in headphones to whatever you set it last when the headphones were plugged in)
I do believe the answer is the same as in Windows 7: No.
Uh, does for me? And did for in 7, too. Might actually be a sound card thing.
Never happened to me, probably because the sound drivers switch the device automatically, instead of being Windows to do so.
You won't know the scarejumps when switching from lowsound earphones to loud speakers, but I should have been expecting that anyways.
Cheraphy wrote:
Might actually be a sound card thing.

I can't accept that it's hardware-related, because I had both Ubuntu and Windows on this machine at the same time: Windows doesn't save the volume, and Ubuntu does.

Let me rephrase. Might actually be a sound card driver thing
@Zereo Sorry you feel this way as this thread was originally intended to be sharing opinions but I will agree that it's kinda been thrown off a little (not helped by myself)

For those talking about the sound thing, I'm on a Windows 7 laptop and I believe that an app called QuickSet is controlling my sound changes when I swap from headphones to speakers... At one point I disabled QuickSet and the volumes between the 2 devices was controlled globally (presumably just by Windows now).

A while ago I reinstalled my entire system and QuickSet has been re-enabled, and guess what... My 2 sound devices have an individual master volume.
Quickset is a Dell program for use on Dell laptops. I do not have any Dell software on my systems, but I do use Creative soundcards and as such, this functionality seems to be built-in. Whenever my headphones get plugged into the front jack, my rear digital jacks turn off. Does this on my two XPS400 systems as well as my home-built rigs. Does this in XP and 7. Chances are it is a Windows setting that is buried somewhere and the higher-end soundcards enable it via a driver or software app. I believe this would work in 8 also, but you won't catch me using 8 for anything.
I have a laptop, and, judging by the design of it, it seems to be purposly created to be as hostile to hardware modifications as humanly possible (even trying to take out the hard drive forces you to take off ALL the casing, and the keyboard...).

Sound cards are out of the question, but I will check out drivers.
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