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Almost 18, and I'm probably the most boring teen ever

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Hey guys, I'm 18 in April and I know that's a fair time away from now but the thing is that I belong to the type of people that are quite insociable and have few friends I'd do anything with. Also I'm not exactly the most adventurous person so I literally have no idea about anything to do, (other than just wasting the day away alone in my room or something).

Most of my family recommend just inviting a load of family and friends out and go boozing or something but I don't like drinking.

Pretty much any suggestions are welcome cos I'm just bloody useless XD
And thanks peeps!

P.S. I live in the UK just, to try and avoid price quotes in USD and things like "Go on a trip to ...State or ...Route"
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I am not sure about the UK's laws on casino's and gambling but I know when I turned 18 I went straight for a casino to go gamble in. I lost most of my money but overall I had a good time.

If they are anything like the casino's in the US I would get a hotel room (They might offer a free room for you birthday there I know they did for me) and bring a friend or two and have a good time.
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Most boring teen? Trust me getting older doesn't make you less boring. I sit at home 24/7 in front of a laptop taking care of my family. Posting to this site, FB, and doing Khan Academy and Codecademy, programming, and helping others on here are my ideas of fun. I never cared about casino's, gambling, and I didn't even care about drinking when I turned 21. Being boring isn't a bad thing you know.

Come to think of it, I never even bothered leaving my state. I only left it when I was a kid because my parents made me.
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Well I do plan to go on like a US road trip (a week in every state or something) at some point in my life... And visit other random places. But I am also mostly just a stay indoors kinda person.

Although the casino might be cool, get a load of mates in and all playing cards or something, (gambling in UK is 18+ for anything or 16+ ONLY for the national lottery), right outside my college there's a rather large casino, (not with a hotel though) and a dog track sat next to it XD
Just go to random parties or do stupid things that you'll regret later.
be the craziest person you can be before you turn 22...that's when the responsibilities turn against you....

travelling is a way to go, mountaineering has always been a thing for me....trekking...rafting...road trips....there's a lot to do
Okay, well I get all that and thanks for the advice, although anything specific in celebration for an 18th?

I have taken into consideration about venturing to Milton Keynes (from Sheffield) and visiting an old friend of mine (still in touch). Not sure about visiting a stranger...

although apparently I've gotta do as many things as possible that I'll regret before the age of 22 XD
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Whatever you do, don't go to Milton Keynes. I was there two weeks ago... Ugh horrible place. Everything is so square and ordered and the general vibe of town is dull, lifeless, dronelike. The town centre is a noughts and crosses board someone forgot to clean away when they were done, the population are slaves to the grid system, THEY PLAY WESTLIFE THROUGH SPEAKERS IN THE OPEN AIR (seriously).
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about the us trip... if you want to go to dc, all of the sights are amazing, except for the white house. i went and was honestly quite surprised because it wasnt what i expected. like the picture you see when you see the white house is actually the back yard
I have 3 suggestions, all of which I did on my 18th:

I bought my first pack of legal cigarettes (had already been smoking for a while, though). Depending on the laws where you live, that's always a fun one. If you're not into cigarettes you can try a cigar or something. Tobacco can taste fantastic.
EDIT: For the love of god don't start smoking if you haven't already. It's not something I want to keep doing for the rest of my life but damn it's hard to put down. Cigarillos like black and milds can be fun even for non-smokers. Because lets face it, you're not going to get hooked off of a black and mild.

Go to a sex shop and browse about all the weird shit with some friends. I went stoned and spent an hour and a half talking about adult movie titles.

Buy porn off the internet.

If I had to be honest though, being 18 doesn't change much. Enjoy it as much as you can, though. Do something you'll probably regret in the future (but not so bad that you can't fix it).
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I have one suggestion - Don't do what I did on my 18th. One psychology exam and two physics exams!
@Mats: You really know how to party!
@Mats: Haha man that sucks. I've been fortunate enough to not have tests stacked on my birthday yet.
people celebrate 18th birthday because they can finally buy alcohol and cigarettes legally. If these doesn't mean a lot to you, then there is nothing to celebrate really ;P.

Do what you like - not what other people say they do/did. Pick up few best friends and eat pizza while talking about life, c++ and universe.

If you want to have something "cool" to brag about go to club/pub and get wasted.

Being adult - which for me, is living by your money, not parents - means no time. 2-4 weeks a year of paid holidays is not enough. If you are student you have a lot of free time (and whole 2-3 months of summer break). Travel. That's the best you can do ;P.
@tath, well that certainly puts things into a slightly depressing respective... But also an enlightening one too.

@everyone,thanks for all the ideas... I'm sure I can figure something out from all this mess XD
If anyone has more ideas though keep them coming :D
To whoever didn't appreciate my post; I'm thoroughly confused.

Hope you have an awesome 18th SatsumaBenji.
Thumper wrote:
To whoever didn't appreciate my post; I'm thoroughly confused.

As am I.

Anyway... @OP: Don't feel pressured to feel like you have to do something because it's some kind of landmark birthday. Just do whatever you want to do. I don't really make a big deal out of birthdays myself... I usually just hang out with friends and play games.

Birthdays are a nice excuse to spend money on doing something fun... but that doesn't mean you have to do it if you don't want. Sometimes spending a day go-karting is fun... other times you'd rather be inside watching a movie. Just do whatever feels right. Don't let anyone convince you that you're "wasting" anything... because if you're enjoying whatever you're doing, then it's not a waste.
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I don't think I did anything special on my 18th. On my 21st, I went out with my mom and girlfriend to buffalo wild wings, and got some wings and a beer lol...
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