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Sit at home and watch TV -- power to pay bills, buy food, clothing, education, etc -- goes away.

Possession of money is power. The ability to earn money is power. Earn money == increase power. Not earn money/spend money == decrease power.

People work to increase their power.

The unfortunate problem is that it is often a delusion -- since many jobs do not actually produce a net increase in one's power. (And jobs like those at Wal-mart produce a net decrease in power.)
I work in a food place at the moment, both my roommates as well. One of them is an assistant manager and was promised 8 to 9 dollars an hour when he was promoted during the summer. Still stuck at min wage and just found out they plan 7.75 an hour. That's nothing short of insulting. the reason given is that the store is failing and they can't afford it, and while that has some truth, he's seen and run the numbers. if the GM would stop giving free food to his family and friends they could more than afford the raise, and at the moment they can afford giving him the promised wage, especially at the hours he's scheduled each week. he's starting job hunting today.

BUT, that's all besides the topic at hand here.

I've started volunteering for WOLF-PAC. called all my legislators and told them of it, gave them resources and the like. One of our congresswomen have already voiced her support and gave us names of others likely to join the cause.
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I just feel that if something like this happens then the economy is going to go to hell and everyone's going to be worse off. I don't know why though.
Because you are ignorant. Not saying that to be insulting, you're simply not educated on the matter.
I am ignorant. I have no experience whatsover.

But I just have this bad feeling in my gut that this isn't going to be as great as it's set out to be.

But what can I say, I'm 13. I don't think anyone should take advice from me.
This petition will have no direct effect on the economy. It's about corruption in politics.
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