Respond only with questions

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Do you appreciate the irony present in the Vogon Constructor Fleet?
what's wrong with being drunk?
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What is the Vogon Constructor Fleet?
What are we supposed to respond with?
Who is 'I' without a past? A river without a source? An event without a cause?
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why are we even taking part, how do you think we are doing in the OPs eyes?

How do you think you are doing?

How many of you would beta test my 2d horizontal shooter game?

Do you realize you still haven't given us any link to download the code to the game?
What do you want us to test?

What are we supposed to respond with?

Are questions not the thing you are meant to be using?

Who is 'I' without a past? A river without a source? An even without a cause?

Would an "even" without a cause not be an odd?
Is it time to fix that?
What do you mean by "that"?
Should you not make your edit more clear so that people know that you have changed it?
What does it mean to be?
What does it mean?
What does it mean?
What is it?
Is this thread beginning to loose all meaning?
It hasn't already?
Doctor Who?

Have you seen the 50th?
Enjoyed it?
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Do you think I even KNOW what Doctor Who is?
How can you not?
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Why do people suck at ending threads?
Yeah, and why did Script Coder spell lose as loose?
How do you know I did not intentionally do it?
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How do you know that he knows?
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