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end of a thought i guess. i use it to break up sections of a post. like telling a sarcastic joke then actually getting to the solution
Ah, makes sense. Thank you.
Design a program because you want to, not just to address a point to a group of people. You should not care about what a small group of people want to assume. I do not understand why so many people feel they need to prove something, what does it help you fulfil? In any context, I would be more impressed, in any context, if they proved their capabilities in absence of verbally rubbing it in, or boasting. Just my opinion...
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well hold on. there is a value in trying to prove something. Im writing a compiler to prove to myself i can. i wrote my website to prove to myself that i can make simple professional looking interfaces.
Yes, though what I am saying is that I find it a little silly when people put all their time and effort to do something only in an attempt to please others, or proving them wrong in situations unnecessary.

there is a value in trying to prove something

I personally feel this statement can be true or false depending on context.
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yes ill give you that. i have found this whole post ridiculous and stereotypical. i was just defending the point of trying to prove something
Backslashes are used for closing tags in mark up languages, for example HTML, XML, and even forum tags. Typing /sarcasm can essentially be read as "end sarcasm"... I may be wrong about this but as far as I know that's where the /tag comes from, or at least what it means.
Viruses are cool. That's why I'd like to make one. It's cool how you can bypass security with one.
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Viruses are pretty cool for educational purposes. It can help you learn about the system you're writing it for and even the language (Python, Java?). Also helps you realize methods of entry, most of them legitimate methods of execution (Browser plugin comes to mind).
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Yea, and I doubt it'll be good enough for it to do any real damage anyway.
@Fred most professional viruses nowadays are used to steal bank and other confidential information, and for those twisted souls who love money that much it could be quite fun.
So, guys what is the thread poster CodeApperentice has decided? Will he make games? Viruses? Anitviruises? Nukes? And why is he restricing only 10-16 only?

computerquip wrote:
Viruses are pretty cool for educational purposes. It can help you learn about the system you're writing it for and even the language
If they can be benificial for educational purposes also, can you please elaborate a little more. I'd like to learn about it as well.
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Perhaps for another thread.
Any age, one idea:
An attempt to recreate JARVIS
@Lachlan Easton
/ is forwards slash. Backwards slash (or "backslash") is \.
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