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Cursing in source code: How often do you do it?

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The question's pretty simple: do you ever use curse words to define variables in code? ;)

If it's funny, mabey you could share it with us.
No and nor do I think it would be funny.
Mats, I meant under context. There are people who think it is.

I don't think it is, but I was just curious what kind of characters there were.
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i use the curses library. i guess as bad as i get would be hell if i was making a game. other than that why would you use curse words
No, my coding will always stay professional. That doesn't mean I won't sit there and curse at the monitor while doing the code.
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No, my coding will always stay professional. That doesn't mean I won't sit there and curse at it monitor while doing the code.

This pretty much.
I personally don't use cuss words for variables in programs unless I'm making an application intended for adult use only and the variable name makes sense.

I do, however, sometimes curse in comments when I'm particularly frustrated by an API that I've only just started to realize is awful but have already written a large chunk of my code for and am too lazy to replace it. That doesn't happen as often as it used to, but it does still sometimes happen.

Ctrl+F "Richard"

As for me, the saltiest my language gets in code is to say something sucks, like //This kludge exists to work around a Perl script that sucks. TODO: fix the script... later
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When I first created my Teamspeak 3 Query parser, I cursed all over for how stupid the protocol was. I had to do some incredibly goofy stuff.

Also whenever I made a play Minecraft Server, I had about a curse word in every packet parsed that contained a string because string size wasn't at the beginning of the packet which is absolutely stupid. In one packet, you have to have 4 or 5 different reads on the same packet just to completely parse it. In an asynchronous environment, this is very, very painful.
I don't normally curse in code, but sometimes I just get frustrated enough and I let loose :p
Cursing is childish in general, I don't curse at all in person, it would hurt my character. I don't understand the purpose of it.

I don't swear at anything, that's just stupid.
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I don't think cursing is really cursing. To be fair to myself, it was more or less just the language I grew up around.
@Lumpkin - Probably best to lose that attitude. Some humour just doesn't work without swearing and some circumstances just need a swear word, you know, like when you hit your thumb with a hammer or stand on a nail a loud, sharp curse is definitely appropriate!
Meh, I can never get myself to say a swear word. It just wont come out.

Whenever I get myself into painful situations I don't swear at all.
Try stepping on a nail...
I swear like a sailor.
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@fred: what compiler do you use? because idk about msvc++, but gcc can have some weird errors that warrant me saying things like <depression>F***</depression> and damn it gnu... give me real errors and not techinal f***ing jargon. one such occasion is when i have conflicting 32-64 bit libraries or i forget to specify bool as the data type
Seriously? :p
That never happens in VC++.
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yeah... it gets very annoying when you have three pages of errors because you forgot to do bool myVarName; i mean they couldnt just recommend that to me :L
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