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Can anyone be nice and give me an unwanted Minecraft acccount?

Please *cute puppy dog eyes*


PM me
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I have one but sorry can't give it, I don't think anyone is but that's why there is cracked minecraft servers ;).
PM sending.
Hey. I didn't think begging did actually work.

looking for starbound... pls
I played from when it was still browser based and played until last march without paying for it. I payed for 2, because I had the money at the time. I've got an account lying around and I sent you the information.
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Can i please please have an unwanted one too. thank you so much!
Only have the one. Sorry guys!
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@Cheraphy No problem, maybe someone else will. *hopeful*

EDIT: i would also work some for it, although i'm not that good in C++ but i do know the basics and a little more.
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Why not earn one?
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i just went to my friends who played and they let me just use their accounts becuase i only played my own world. (i would change the skin to link but i asked first). my friend bought me one of my own though
Never got a PM back from code apprentice. Guess he's been offline.
Well, if he turns out not wanting it... You know...
I played the cracked versions... loved it so much I decided to pay for it. Not giving you my account though ;)
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@Superdude I'm in line before you. hehe
Thanks Cheraphy
U da best!
Just get cracked minecraft and play in cracked servers.
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Getting cracked makes me feel terrible, so I'm not going to do that.
CaptainBlastXD wrote:
that's why there is cracked minecraft servers

There's no such thing! PLEASE know about something before posting about it
(granted I've made mistakes in the past but now I always double check before hitting submit)
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I was told that Notch, the creator of Minecraft, said that the cracked was ok to use. In fact, he even advocated its use for those who couldn't afford it.

There's no such thing!

There is. I have it.
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