Trifecta of perfecta questiona

Hey all! I'm finally officially back :D

In my extended absence I've learned gobs and gobs- especially about myself. One of the things I learned is that other people are way smarter than me. That includes you =] If you get a chance I would appreciate some input on some of my new questions!

1. I have a friend in california- we want to make a project together: we don't care what language we use, but we need to start practicing soon. What is the easiest way to start programming together? (I've never worked with anyone before)

2. The new c++11 standard looks baws. Have I missed anything else big and new in the last two years (especially new game libraries)?

3. What is with the drama here? This place looks like it is in terrible disrepair!
Welcome back!
I have no idea how to answer questions 1 or 2. But question 3 intrigued me: How does this site look "in disrepair"? And what drama are you referring to?
Since you have been gone, and I have no idea who you are, I have made my appearance and stirred up some ruckus. Maybe this explains number 3... As for question1.

Decide now who is in charge of the project. The two of you will likely code things but then one will say, "no I like this way better", and the other will say,"well how about this?"

If one of you is in charge then said leader can pull rank and keep the project moving forward. Even if supporting contributer does not agree with leader all the time, he will, in the end, prefer that progress is being made over the eternal limbo of coder hell.

Hey try saying "coder hell" to someone. It's cool.
Welcome back!
1. Move to California, seriously delightful weather. [/sarcasm] I'm with Manga on this one, unless you can reasonably split the project down the middle (each take different classes?).

2. I can't be bothered to update my IDE half the time let alone anything to do with STL, I got nothing.

3. Drama? I'm with Script Coder on this one...
I've always thought about moving to Irvine, CA. Mainly because of what Obsidian Entertainment has on their site at the end of Life in O.C. jobs section.

Obsidian Entertainment wrote:
Boasting year round sunny weather, Orange County offers the tropical living you see in movies filmed in Hollywood, only Irvine sits on the safe side of the San Andreas fault - so when the big one hits, you and your family can explore the ruins of earthquake-decimated LA (less than an hour's drive away - not counting vault-dweller traffic).

Fallout fan so it makes me smile every time I read it.
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I would have the friend move out of california: prices are through the roof there because they're broke.

I started writing C++ with C++11, so I can not tell you want the differences are, however, I can say that I like it...

As for working in a team, best to get git if you don't have it.

Lastly: what drama?
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