What do you want for Christmas?

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All I want for Christmas is a prescription for Adderall, lol.
I wonder what you'd use that for ;)
Hopefully totally valid medical reasons.
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What's your point? O:
Lumpkin wrote:
I wonder what you'd use that for ;)
I would use that for slightly less than valid medical reasons but not for junkie druggy reasons. It does to me what I imagine coffee should do but doesn't. And at a school like mine being awake, alert, and focused means the difference between making six figures in 5-6 years when I graduate and being homeless.

And I'll probably do whatever in my power to be left alone and not having to be surrounded with... people. Ugh, computer > people.
I want the people to be happy,
a world without violence and evil thoughts,
and who will help the poor and needy,
and do good deeds, because it is for us to do good on earth God All Mighty gave us life!
Merry Christmas!
A shame you'll never get your wish.
People wish for things that won't ever happen all that time. Like the cure for my wife's and son's disability. That may never happen in my lifetime. No reason to feel bad, they just give you something to hope for everyday of your life.
I Require a portable nuclear reactor...............don't ask why!
I would like a camera (or at least a webcam), a stand for it, and a whiteboard, clay or legos. If you haven't already guessed, I'm into stop-motion animations.
Well then you will want modeling clay and not just any clay. I did stop-motion my senior year of high school (the first and only year they had Cartooning and Animation).
Oh I also want lots and lots of breadboards as well as supplies for my RC plane.
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lol, my neighbors just had a litter of puppies so I can get you one if you'd like.
air mail??
Yep. Just send me your air-mail address.
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