A donate button?

You shouldnt cough. They need the money to host the site and the domain. You would have done the same thing if you were owner
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CaptainBlast... *facepalm*
You don't understand what he's saying...
I giggled when I saw that, t'was a couple days ago for me.
He was pointing out that it was asking for a donation because there were no ads, right under the ad to buy a motorola android smart phone.
Oh I think they took it away. I don't have it anymore

@cire sry didn't see you pic :D
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Oh I think they took it away. I don't have it anymore

It still appears for me when I highlight the area it's in, it is trying to hide from me!!
I haven't seen a donate button. There's not enough space for one either on mine.
I haven't seen any ad's with my adblocker but I have seen the button kind of weird you see button and ad.
I've been seeing what cire reports. I'm using a flash blocker, which only blocks some ads. After clicking on the 'donate' space an animated ad appears and the donate button goes away. I suspect that the non-flash ads are displaying as usual and that the flash ads are being replaced with the donation request when a flash blocker is detected.

@DesiredUsernameTaken. Have you seen any pages with 2 ads at the top?
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I'm not using any sort of ad or flash blocker at all.

I only see the donate button when using Firefox though. For Chrome and IE it doesn't show up at all. Nor are there "extra" ads for those.
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I only see one ad at the top. I'm not using any blocker. And I'm using safari.
There is also one on the bottom (donate button) for me on chrome with ad blocker plus.
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