Is hacking in to CIA legal?

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Don't ask why
Nope, viewing certain documents can cause you to 'disappear' of the face of the Earth.
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Honestly why would you even ask this question and honestly I don't like how everyone is trying to become a black hat there are much better things you can do with your free time.
Is hacking in to CIA legal?

Vingt ans trop tard... to even ask the question.
Of course not, although I don't think the CIA will be very worried about you... lol
Hacking into the CIA? Legal? Hell no! You being able to hack into them? Unlikely...and the CIA takes all hacks serious as they consider them to be a risk to national security if you do so (last documentary I saw on the CIA).
Vingt ans trop tard

Is that legal? What does it mean?

@OP Duh.
Vingt ans trop tard means "Twenty years too late", it's french
Ah, thanks. I thought he was talking in some weird non-average language.
Grande, vous avez compris comment utiliser Google Translate.

I think that's how you say it, I'm still a student.
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@OP Duh, of course it's not.
Yes it is, and it's really easy too. Their IP address is
Good luck finding those servers bud.
He's just trolling look at his other posts...
No, it is completely legal to steal Classified Information right? Of course not what do you think.

Trust me, if you manages to find a RCE or LFI or SQL vulnerability on CIA server you would be some Super-Advanced hacker with sophisticated programming techniques. NO ONE! I REPEAT NO ONE HERE are even 0.01% to that level.

BTW any one see the RCE vulnerability some hacker found on EBay.
Figured as much, he made like 5 million useless topics today. Not even worth my time to report.
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NO ONE! I REPEAT NO ONE HERE are even 0.01%

Suggesting they would have to get 10000 times better than their current skill level? I sense some hyperbole...
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I noticed that no one is actually posting a citation to a law or statute; yes I am suggesting that every answer given so far is based on a personal belief about what is right and wrong.

Really why do answer question that you have no knowledge about?

Hacking is way to vague a word. This question can't be answered.
Government is no different than anyone else. I would bet breaking into the CIA's stuff would be much easier than breaking into anything Amazon. All it takes is one out dated piece of public facing software. PHPMyAdmin anyone?
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I'm sure armed guards would shoot you before you get near the vicinity to hack their headquarters.

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