RSA has been cracked friggin listening to the CPU with a smartphone.
Holy crap!
That's a bit of a problem...
I am going to post the first thing that came to my mind after reading the first couple of sentences:
What the F***! How the F***

On a more calmed note:
This is quite heck tick, almost something you would see in a space-aged spy movie. I guess soundproofing high security motherboards will now become standard.
Definitely interesting. I realize it's a new article, but has anyone made a statement about it yet?

Hell nevermind, didn't even notice the authors until now :O
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Resonance issues have been known for years.

On my old computer, my audio system actually picked up some resonances and played them on the speaker.

My brain just never put two and two together to realize you could do something like that.

Which is both cool, and scary.
Which is both cool, and scary.

Such is things with all of the really cool science.
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