Just spent the morning wiping the Scorpion Saver PUP from my wife's PC. I'm not sure how it got there...

Maybe one of the kittens installed it. (They won't stay off the computer equipment. You'd think it keeps them warm or something...)

The kids are ill, so I'm home with them today.
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I'm not sure how it got there...


The way cats go on computer equipment and everything else is totally unacceptable. A good friend of mine just got a cat and I was around there last week and her cat jumped on top of my laptop when I was in the middle of downloading something... And then managed to turn my WiFi off. The same cat then meows at me. You think you're getting attention cat? After what you just did? I picked her up and put her on the floor. My friend called me "harsh". wtf?
I'd be mean and insert an xkcd link, but that would be completely uncalled for... eeeh, I'll do it anyway. :D

I have a cat, and generally she's quite good about keeping off of keyboards and gnawing wires. Sometimes she'll rub against the corner of the screen of my laptop if she wants attention, though.

Good xkcd!

I have three kittens. One of them, Patches, likes computer equipment a little too much. She doesn't chew on anything, fortunately. Just just likes to climb and snuggle into things.

Like the air space between my tower and the edge of the desk. And behind the monitor. And between the TV and the very expensive blue-ray/entertainment player.

[edit] Oh yeah, almost forgot:
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I have 3 cats.

They used to try to chew on my cables but after I repeatedly stopped them they figured out that those cables weren't supposed to be eaten.

The only thing they do that is annoying is watch the mouse cursor on the screen and try to eat it, but they don't do it very often anymore.
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