C++ IDE and Compiler for Android Tablet

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yes sorry i meant morality. i was distracted by the fast and the furious
Any other software?
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As I pointed out in the other thread on this subject just a little bit ago you could try using https://www.koding.com to do your programming on android. Though I don't really get why people would want to code on their tablets and phones... I could understand writing down a quite fix that you just thought of or a neat idea you want to try out but I couldn't imagine doing serious coding on them.
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the only programming i do on my phone is writing dinky little java apps for it. i found this app that compiles your java code right there into an apk and puts it on your homescreen. even has some examples
Zereo wrote:
Though I don't really get why people would want to code on their tablets and phones

I was looking for an android compiler myself not too long ago, although all I really wanted was just a script checker to make sure everything would work if I compiled it on the PC, I wasn't really bothered about actually creating an executable/library.

The reason I wanted this was because it takes about half an hour on the bus traveling to and from college each day, i.e. for at least 1 hour a day I'm completely free and I'm forced to be away from computers. So if I wanted to occupy my time then working on my engine on the tablet was great...
I did this just using a text editor and threw it onto the PC when I got home to compile. But since the Android keyboard isn't very nice for coding I'd often have lots of mistakes in syntax to correct first (or just genuine scripting mistakes)...

It would've been nice to check for these errors while I'm out so that when I get home I can relax and just keep on working without having to correct everything first.
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