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I'm glad to see so many familiar faces usernames still around. Sad to see one of the old schoolers (joined before I did) go in such a fashion. Thanks again for helping me build my last workstation, computerquip.
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I feel stupid for even reading this thread.
Oh god I feel so guilty. I am sorry to see you go CQ, I've seen you help loads of people out including myself on a good number of occasions.
So sad that our last exchange was heated (and I did admit that was mostly my fault)
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I don't know why but people always get edgy around the christmas holidays (me included).

I always expect a little bit of snark when I ask for help online so computerquips posting style doesn't really bother me.

I have met a lot of people in other online communities who expect instant answers and help (especially kids in gaming communities). I guess it's more about online etiquette that nobody really follows anymore. I usually just ignore those people but I can see how it can build up over time into resentment of the community.

Either way, good luck to you Computerquip wherever you end up. Just don't let your anger change the helpful person you are and I'm sure you will be ok :)
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Should I tell you why? It's because most parents Donno what to get they're kids for Christmas and just to let you know Santa is real ;)
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@Albatross, sir, simplest explanation is "things change".

@LB, sir, I fear that may be true every where, with a few exceptions, but I don't know any of the exceptions.
I would like to cite the above three posts and the four posts below as examples of what I am talking about.
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Whaaa? I just corrected Sir Omega before a flame war commenced.
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LB wrote:
I have noticed a large increase in a certain kind of behavior from a specific age group, but if I write any more than this I am going to start an offensive argument.
LB wrote:
I would like to cite the above three posts and the post below as examples of what I am talking about.

LB, sir, I am not sure how my post proves anything since I am not showing any behavior in my replies to you and Albatross. Sir, your post stating other posts are examples seems, to me, to make your post more an example than any others because, again to me, it projects a sense of smugness for pointing out posts to prove one's point.
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i would just drop this guys its not worth it. and just to clear up what lump was talking about phoenix, Albatross is a girl not a guy.

edit: i saw him on #cplusplus for a bit and told him we all miss him and want him back, but my internet shut off before i could see a reply
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Albatross, ma'am, my apologies, I didn't know.

DTSCode, sir, I am not trying to start anything. I simply want to understand how my post proves anything.
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i agree, but an argument with LB isnt going to help with anything right now

edit: i keep writing write instead of right...
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I sincerely hope that this forum never dies...
This forum won't die. I think it's predestined to stay on the small side but I'm OK with that.
I like the size of this forum. I'd hate it if it got larger.
I agree with L B on the subject. I've noticed a fair amount of people leaving
( including myself ). I imagine it has a bit to do with some of the more youthful members combined with an overall change in attitude on the forums. It's sad as several main members are leaving / becoming less involved
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Paoletti301, sir, if a member leaves purely based on 'youthful members' and 'overall attitude on the forums' then it leads me to think they need to have to things happen; get a thicker skin and grow up. Leaving for those two reasons are completely immature. At the time their reasoning may seem logical at the time, but in the end it is still immature.
Can we stop this sir/madame thing?
I see it as a really annoying thing.
It's a moral thing, I only refer to him as sir because he prefers it like that.
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