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Basic doubt regarding an aspect of SVN Version Control

I have started working on an open source project www.qelectrotech.org. This is the first collaborative project I am working on.

They use SVN version control and use Qt framework for development. I have understood most of the basic part (how to update, revert, diff, commit a project).

My doubt is, if suppose I am working on a file xyz.cpp. Now I get an email update from the project newsletter that someone has modified xyz.cpp since I updated the project.

How do I incorporate the change made by the other person to my working copy? Do I have to do this manually? Or is there any command or tool in Qt Creator that automatically updates the changes in my file.

Doesn't this give rise to conflicts? I'm sure there must be some way to manage this since so many collaborative projects work seamlessly.

Will be grateful if someone can shed light on this.

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I think you can use svn update, but I'm not sure. I've never had to use SVN before.


I'm not sure if it merges changes with your working copy though.
svn update does update the project. However will it synchronize the file on which I have made changes also? If so how, since there maybe conflicting changes?
Not sure for SVN but in Git you'd merge the branches. You'd normally use some diff/merge tool to do so and anything conflicts would be highlighted and you'd have to manually give the green light to each.

Note, this normally only happens when the same bit of code in the same file has been altered. It's been a while since I used it, but I seem to remember that if code was added (rather than amending existing code) to a file then it would automatically merge.
OK, thank you king214 and iHutch105 for your replies.
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