Lucid Dreams

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I'm sure I would have been thrown on some meds or something should I have stuck around long enough to see it to the end. After being told that it wasn't at all life threatening, i didn't care to hear more than the doctors opinion. I'm a bit weary about being thrown on pharmaceuticals willy nilly. And I would also definitely fail a possible drug screening before a sleep study was done. I'd rather live with some weird sleep habits (which don't cause me any bodily harm) than explain those results to my parents, lol.
Like i mentioned before, I find it gets worse when I spend weeks just being in my own head. So I just try to keep a social life now and everything's generally okay.
On another note, I've been sort of self-prescribing adderall lately, which is such a phenomenal drug. Not because I get a 'high' or feel tweaked, but because it makes me feel normal and alert. It helps sooo much with excessive daytime sleepiness. Taking 15mg at 7am keeps me feeling awake until 9pm when I should start getting tired. I wish coffee did that.
But yeah, I'm fully aware that self prescribing isn't the safest thing in the world. Just another experiment in the game of life.
@ Thumper: Usually I support people using the drugs we have developed to treat disorders like this. But a friend of mines wife has narcolepsy and they have tried some bizarre solutions to try to level out her sleeping pattern; so I can understand your reluctance here. I think they even had her on GHB at one point.

@ Everyone: I seem to be the only poor SOB here that dreams about work. You guys talk about flipping light switches and looking in mirrors to try to sense some odd behavior but in my dreams I'll have a giraffe in a button down shirt and neck tie as a supervisor or people riding fish around the office and it all seems perfectly normal at the time. So how do you suspect that these simpler tricks will work?
Well, these tricks are for confirming your suspicions. If you're entirely convinced that what you're seeing is reality, of course they won't work.
Well if you mentally associate the action with asking yourself if you're dreaming, then that would carry over into the dream (in theory). When you ask yourself if you're dreaming while dreaming, you would probably realize that you're actually dreaming.
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