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Hey guys, i'm working on a small business project thats about computer-software maintenance, i plan on launching it later this March 2014, the original idea is to buy the business pack of Teamviewer (www.teamviewer.com) and to use it to offer support directly from my office, but, it struck me, this thought,this question, how advanced do you have to be to create your own software that will allow you to remotely connect to the customers PC/laptop like Teamviewer offers.

Ps. By how advanced, i mean how advanced in the coding language do you have to be,i am only assuming it is easier to be done in C++ because thats the one i've been practicing lately :)
you have to be extreamly advanced to do NETWORKING. and thats what you need to know. The End.
This ^^
hmm :) thanks for the enlightment :)
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