I never planned to learn C# however i have been talking to some other programmers and they say that C# is widely used so should i learn it.

i have also heard that C# is like java and i am planning to learn java so please tell me if i should learn C# as well
Yeah, C# is widely used at the moment. It has an extensive library so it's pretty popular.

It all depends what you want to do. Look around at the C# jobs. There will be plenty of them knocking about. If they interest you then go for it.

Same goes for any language, really.
+1 iHutch105!

@ OP: This is how you should look at these decisions if you plan to make a career out of this stuff. Don't put so much weight on what other people say about a language instead look at how many and what kind of job postings there are that require a language then decide if that is the kind of thing you want to be doing.
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