Favourite Compiler?

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Hi there,
I just wanted to know what your favourite compiler.

Mine is Clang++ as it shows u a correction

cbout << "Hi" << endl;

G++ would give me something like there is no cbout in the library std

And clang would say that but also say: Did u mean cout?

And it highlights and is really neat.
What about you?
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Oops. Moved :)
Clang, hands down for the licensing alone. It is truly free open source software (unlike g++, as much as it claims to be).
The best compiler is the one that's shipped with visual studio. Other than that, MinGW.
I too like clang the most out of the compilers I've used so far, though g++ is a very nice option too and definitely a worthy second.

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Yea i just wanted to see if there was any compilers i have not used.
I have used the visual studio one but is really rubish as you need to put in system pause or an alternative to have cinsole there.
Thanks anymore
All you have to do is use cin.get(); to hold your program. You should never even need to do that for larger projects you create later in your time programming, as they'll have a program loop.

Wait, your compiler highlights syntax? You mean your text editor does, right?
You don't even need that, if the subsystem is set to console ctrl+F5 will hold the window open.
and the moral of the story is...learn to use your tools correctly.
@naraku Woah, I didn't even know that.

@Daemon What?
Lumpkin wrote:
Daemon What?

CaptainBlastXD should learn to use the tools (Visual Studio) correctly before complaining that it "is really rubish as you need to put in system pause or an alternative to have cinsole there".
Oooohhh, okay.
MinGW/G++ in general.
Used to be on the VS side tho, changed my idea after a while.

You don't really need your compiler to tell you which typo you did, because if you go on that line and you don't notice cout being cbout, you're either gonna learn a lot, or you shouldn't be programming at all.
Even in G++, it'll tell something along the lines of "no member 'cbout' in std".
For work, I use the hardware vendor compilers (Intel C/C++ for Intel, IBM XL C/C++ for POWER, HP aCC for Itanium, Oracle CC for sparc). Of those, Intel compiler is the undisputable favorite, with its C++11 support and extra libraries.

For hobby projects, occasional Linux programming, and extra diagnostics before using production compilers, clang is the solid favorite since about 2010, when it got ahead of g++ in the new standard adoption (narrowly in core language features, and by a huge margin in the standard library, which g++ is still struggling with).
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Guys we have our opinions and VS is still okay but you need to pay, and code::blocks is free. :D
@ResidentBiscuit: What I meant is, a compiler is not a dictionary, I prefer it when it just says which error I did, I don't like if it corrects me, it sounds so unprofessional.
Code::Blocks IDE?

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Well like I said we all have our reasons. I like it when it tells me my mistake and you don`t. We are all equal but different in our ways.
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