Opportunity to name a website!

Post ideas below!
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closed account (Dy7SLyTq)
hey you asked. you never specified criteria
oh how I want www.com! I think it ends in .meow though.
It's community website. Name it like a country.
www.com is taken. How sad.
www.com I think is some type of internet setup, or a help thing.
Without knowing anything about the website, we can't be much help.
Times up! Vote! Options are: Asfort.meow, Lucoloslavia.meow, MLU.meow, Vamp.meow, Meow.meow or Socia.meow.
My vote would be Socia.meow simply because I think it sounds English and cool. You really should have told us what the website is for.
Sorry but there is no set reason for the website.
There is a tie between socia and asfort. Vote ends in ~15min.
Oh boy oh boy! A two-hour poll in the middle of the night!

Too bad you didn't do meow.meow, since that is the coolest possible answer.
Well, some people forget that its the middle of the night. Its only 8:21pm for me currently, for example, making it a perfectly reasonable poll (4 - 6 pm)
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