x86 Assembly Tutorial

I know and understand 8080, z80, 6502, 6800, CP1600, assemblies, and I understand x86 assembly, but I have one problem with all of them: I don't know how to use them. So I ask for help, I need to find a decent x86 assembly tutorial. However, I have a few requirements for this request:

1) First off, I don't want a tutorial aimed for beginners; I am looking for a tutorial around intermediate difficulty, but not something that will make me want to blow my head off.

2) A preference, I would like it focused on actually doing things. I do not want a tutorial teaching me to write application software in assembly. I want to do very low level system programming, and possibly hardware interactivity.

3) My assembly is not a problem, but I need it to target modern 64 bit systems. If the tutorial is targeting DOS, it will not be of much help.

Thanks ahead of time...

James Parsons
You could refer the manuals of the processors you want to target. For Intel x86 assembly Paul Carter's e-book is good. I learned x86 from that book.

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