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Once I've bought a capture card for my PC I'm going to be doing a lot more lets play style videos for Youttube and one thing I really wanted to do is to try and help promote really small time indie developers... I've spotted a couple of cool games on SourceForge and this is where I got the name idea from.

I'll be doing almost any kind of game provided that I can run it on the PC, and true to SourceForge style, it's free for everyone to download and play. This is to promote small time developers and what we have to do to get our name out there, releasing small games free until we are able to build some kind of small fan base.

So, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of games you wanted me to show off (either your own or just one you like)?
I will post (or PM) when I've uploaded a game onto the Youtubes.

Oh and one thing I really want to make sure happens is that everyone responsible in the making of the game is credited unless specifically asked by that person not to be associated with that product.
I would love to see that happen. I'm currently working on a game with Manga and when we release the alpha version I would very much like to see our game's gameplay on youtube. This is, of course, if Manga agrees.

Anyways, could you provide us with a link to your youtube channel?
Currently I've not been able to record many games but my capture card should arrive next weekend, and I don't prioritise my college work that well so I should be uploading shortly after that XD
The above link is me.

I often do lots of videos with another Youtuber known as DaAidsMan or GeneralSaunders, You may see us on each others channels from time to time.

I will also be doing just general indie games such as FTL, Osu!, etc.
And thanks for the interest.
I got my capture card Thursday and it's amazing (tested at 1080p with high compression on Xbox) but I'm just having trouble getting the pc to output to YPbPr properly at the moment. Once that's sorted I'll be ready to go.
(I do have access to a second pc on occasion that is powerful enough to do screen capture pretty well but I think it loses a lot of quality with my software, and there aren't many good free softwares up to the job.
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