The link is messed up on Chrome on Debian


So the Reference link is not showing correctly on Chrome on Debian and Chrome on Ubuntu. It shows correctly on FireFox and Konqueror.

Has anything changed on the website? It used to work just fine. Is it a known issue and someone is working on a fix?

Thank you.
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Shows correctly with Chrome on Windows.
At the bottom of the page there is a Link "Spotted an error? contact us" which you can use to contact the admin directly about this problem. Make sure to provide detailed information and a way that he can recreate the problem.
@ cire: What version of Windows? I'm still stuck on XP where I work for the time being and Chrome Version 32.0.1700.76 m does not render correctly on my current configuration. I reported the issue last week but if there is some other setting that would help recreate the issue then I'm sure the dev's would want to know what it is. Do you have the page cached from before a change was made?
Works for me also on windows 7 and chrome Version 32.0.1700.76 m.

What version of Cplusplus are you guys using?
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@ cire: What version of Windows?

Windows 7 and 8. Chrome Version 32.0.1700.76 m

Well, actually I can't say for 8 with certainty as I don't have it currently installed here any more, but I'm reasonably certain it was correct at the end of last month.
I think I found out what it is :D ! When you log into the website and then navigate to the Reference section the site tries to feed Chrome a PKCS7 hash to encrypt your session. It does NOT do this if you are not signed into the site using Chrome or if you are using IE, Safari or Firefox from what I can tell. Can someone out there test out Ice Weasal and Opera?

I'll bet that if I go look, my ancient operating system doesn't have a package installed to support that standard. I'll also double down that it's a similar issue to what OP is seeing. It's a little odd that it only does this for the landing pages and not for the individual sections for each of the headers, maybe this is something that is in development?
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@Computergeek01 - I signed out of my account from Chrome but that did not help.
I filed the bug per CodeGazer suggestion.
Go to the page and view the source code, Ctrl+F for "PKCS" and see if it is still trying to pass it on to your browser. The site has stopped doing this to me but I filled my bug report a few days prior so maybe twicker just got around to it.
It works now, thank you for fixing it.
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