Android app idea?

so I know this has nothing to do with c++ but everyone in this forum is great with any question they get.
so basically I'm looking for some android app ideas. The app has to include local storage, a web server and GPS. This is for a school project. Not asking for any code, just some ideas.

Thanks :)

App Name: GlobeTrotter

Unlock achievements by visiting the remote cache locations around the world and registering what you find in the cache.

Complete with highscores and a map that plots the players' journey around the world.

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Does it have to be your web server? You can save yourself a lot of work by tying your app into Google maps and you're free to use something like 10,000 queries a month before you have to start paying them. Anyway my idea is pretty straightforward, an app that finds the nearest parking garages based on your phones GPS location and sorts them by either travel time or price. If you really want to get fancy something that none of these types of apps seem to do yet is grade the sites on lot capacity, that might take more meatspace foot work then it is worth though.
thanks for the ideas. yes it does need to have a web server
Does anyone else have any ideas of an app that must use Geo location (Google Maps)? I can just create some kind of log in system with the web server so that's not a problem. I just need ideas of an app that uses Google Maps
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