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computer Programming please share your thought

Not sure wether this is the place to ask this but please share your opinion.

About a year and half ago I created an android app using one of those free app builder services. I had no programming knowledge, I uploaded it to the android market and it start making a steady amount of money, around $1200 a month. If I could just customize the app to my liking I believed I could triple my income, and build similar apps that could also generate some money. I read up on android development and found out you need to know java to build applications.

I bought a java book to teach myself java but found it to difficult, So after several years of not attending college I decided to go back. This year I will receive my associates in computer science.

The AS in computer science at my college consists of Fundamentals 1, 2, and 3 which are all c++ courses. It also includes a java coures and an assembly language course along with calculus 1. Since I am a little ahead I might be able to take a .net course too.

I am paying out of pocket and will pretty much be broke by the time I receive my AS. As much as I would like to transfer to a unversity and receive my BA I do not think I can afford it.

When I receive my AS I am thinking I would like to take some courses in Android development. Universities I looked into offer android certifications courses in a 3 month 6 month or 9 month time span, with price ranging from $3000 to $3600. Not that I care about the certificate but care about the knowledge.

So my question is, with the knowledge I would have with my AS, would I be able to succeed in Android programming. Or is it best to some how try and come up with the money for my BA.

I am 30yrs of age, I have been paying out of pokect for my education, from a small business I have, a business which I dont like and want to get out of, to many expenses. Computer science was my major when I graduated highschool, attended 1 semester and dropped out. Now I am eager to pursue my education.

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You should probably move this to the lounge.
What exactly do you want an opinion on here?

So my question is, with the knowledge I would have with my AS, would I be able to succeed in Android programming. Or is it best to some how try and come up with the money for my BA.
If your goal is to make apps on your own you don't really need a degree. I have two friends whose formal programming education stopped in high school and they were still able to publish some apps.
You have to keep in mind that a BA does no guarantee that you will be successful. The only thing that it may offer you is a safety net if your programming business does not work out. I'd say make a go for it now.

Congratulations on graduating by the way.
Cleverly hidden question lol

Most people I know that write apps do not have a degree in anything computing nor do they seem to teach in a degree the required knowledge to go and write an app for Android (they do cover some Java, but you would hardly be able to just dive right into making apps). Treat the degree as a safety net option. If app making is the way you want to go, just learn it yourself and save all the expense.
Thanks to those that have replied. Basicly my question I guess was not if I can be successful because that all depends on the individual, but if I would have learned enough programming fundamentals from an associates degree to possibly make android programming easier to learn and accomplish, to where eventually I could make some good apps.

When I went back to school I went back with the intention to learn programming for my own purposes rather than work for a company, basically to create some apps for a couple websites I have. I know the BA would would be my safety net, if all else fails, and I would love to have it as I have always been interested in software engineering aswell.

I guess the problem I am facing is time and money.

I have to decide whether I get certified in android programming within 3 to 6 months after my AS, and if its enough education to where I could start generating some income developing my own apps, or decide to heavily invest in my BA in which I would be enrolled full time.

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If you just want programming skills out of it, then it would probably be far more efficient just to learn on your own, or just take the programming courses. I know that when I was going to community college, I had very little time to do personal programming projects, and the programming I was learning at school was less than satisfying because a self motivated person can like I was could learn the same material to a higher standard at a much faster pace on their own.
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If you try hard in of, you can do it. But do it as if you were to make nothing out of it.
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