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Sounds interesting, but I'm going to reserve my judgement and opinions until I am able to look more into it. Not sure what to think of "one programming language to rule them all".
That said, it isn’t for everyone. Bezanson says it’s not exactly ideal for building desktop applications or operating systems, and though you can use it for web programming, it’s better suited to technical computing.

So... It's not for everything then?
i just saw this in the code project... im installing it right now actually. looks like a more in depth python imo
So... It's not for everything then?

Guess I should have read the full article before posting. I went straight to the Julia site and started looking at their docs. That quote alone would have made me pass judgement on the article title at least because it is a flat out lie. Though, I guess the title wouldn't have been as catchy if they had "Out in the Open: Man Creates One Programming Language to Rule Them All, Except <...>". Guess when you are hard up to have a catchy quote you rip from popular media you don't pay attention to the negatives.

"One ring to rule them all, except the Elves and Dwarves." Wouldn't have worked in LotR.
This is going to be great. Can't wait for release :D.

*10 years later*
Wait do you remember the language that is supposed to have....?
I think the title should have been,

One language that could be used to rule most of them, but is only ideal for ruling a few of them.


One ring that could be used to rule most of them, but is only ideal for ruling Hobbits and Goblins.
The comments under the article just say it all.

Don't tell me I'm the only one that thought of her
Don't tell me I'm the only one that thought of her

Probably not, but I didn't think of it because I have not seen Cowboy Bebop. Heard of it, but I spent more time watching Akira, DBZ, Gundam, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Vampire Hunter D, Blood, etc. I really do need to watch more anime.
I'll give it my attention when it passes the test of time like C has. Oh wait, I'll be most likely be dead by then.

Very pointy nose that girl has in the image. She reminds me of a bat.

The fractal, however, is perfection itself.
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Did I just accidentally derail this thread?

Sorry. =(

Anyway... hard to gauge what a language is going to be like without any examples of syntax. Trying to form an opinion on a language based on this article seems a little silly.

Though the article said it was released in 2012? Does anyone have a link to a small example program or something? I'm too lazy to look myself.
Looks like it is worth looking into.

Is that a joke?

Well, he was more than likely restating or paraphrasing what Karpinski told him so you can't really fault the writer for that line.

I can't do it, I can't bring myself to read past this border line autistic sentence, does the author think that ANY part of the computers operation between the user or programer and the machine DOESN'T go through at least a dozen translations?

Well, most media places that do articles don't require their writers to be knowledgeable of the subject they are covering. They only require they be good at writing.
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BHX Specter wrote:
They only require they be good at writing.
No, that's not true at all. They only require that they find interesting stories to grab people's attention.
No, that's not true at all. They only require that they find interesting stories to grab people's attention.

When I looked into what was required to become a writer for a magazine (I looked into game and computer mags because I had hoped to make a living writing game reviews and previews for EGM, OPM, or PC Gamer while building my programming skills) and all of them had the same process, the editor had a list of ideas that he would delegate to the writers, if there wasn't enough story ideas then writers would get to look for other stories to help fill the magazine.

Last time I checked the process was still the same.
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The people who wrote this probably had no idea of programming.
Like to rule them all, not happening but maybe it might take some over
its not meant to take anything over. i was reading the wired article and it seemed more of a multi-solution (theres a real term for this but im blanking) language. if you read the article you see that this was in response to him having to use a plethora of languages to achieve one goal
I'm having a hard time understanding how this language is different from Dylan. Maybe it is just because Dylan is the only other language I know of that has multiple dispatch and the syntax looks very similar.
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