Career Project Help

I am doing a career project for school and part of it is finding someone in my desired field and asking them questions.

My career project is about Software Development so if someone that works in that field could spare some time to answer my questions, I would be so thankful....this includes freelance developers also, preferably someone whos main income is from professional software development.

1. What education type did you acquire for your career in software development (Degrees/Certifications/Self-Taught)?

2. Did you do any freelance/internship work before your job?

3. Did you feel prepared when you started your job?

4. Do you work in development teams on projects?

5. How much of your day on average is spent programming?

6. What is the average length of time a project takes?

7. Do you often feel heavily pressured to finish a project (strict deadlines etc.)?

8. How would you describe your work environment?

9. Do you feel there is plenty of room for advancement (job, salary, position) in the software development field?

10. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone interested in a career in software development?

Thanks again!
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