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Where would I be in programming right now?

I'm just wondering about what level I would be at programming now...
I guess I've had a few hard knocks on the way, but I'm just curious.
I'm currently just turned 16 and considering taking a proper programming course. Problem is : there are so many and I don't know what level would be right for me.

Could anyone give me an idea of what level I would be at?

Examples of my code :
etc etc

That is hard to say because depending on where you are taking the course, they may not give you the option. Some places force you to start at beginner level and work your way up to make sure you have everything covered. Others make you take tests to gauge your level so you aren't overwhelmed. Then some don't care and will put you where you ask, even if it is over your head.
I kind of meant ... beginner -> medium beginner -> etc level?
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That is still hard to say. Experience ranking is more for others than yourself in my opinion. I mean I've been programming for nearly 20 years and I still, to this day, say I'm a beginner because in my mind you never stop learning and with programming you learn new things all the time.
Probably you should start with a data structures and algorithms course, and then you can take whatever after that.

I wouldn't worry about titles, especially when you only have three classifications. Just look at what interests you and check the course requirements or recommendations.
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@danny77 , I think such sites aren't that good , since usually they give you a math problem , so if you know the algorithm for it then you'll solve it easily , and if you don't then you will have a hard time solving it.

The best way is to just program and rate yourself
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