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Greetings fellow developers,

After my first try at developing a game engine in SFML, I decided to undertake a much smaller project to get my feet wet in SFML, as well as replacing a pair of heavily outdated C++ programs, which I use as an alarm clock & notification timer, respectively.

The project was hacked together in a relatively short time, but appears to work quite well for me. Hopefully someone else will find it useful as well. The project can be found at:

Packaged release v1.00 available here:

Any criticism/comments are welcome. Enjoy! :)
Don't put the release zip as part of your git directory, remove it and create an actual release with the GitHub web interface. You can attach the zip there. It looks like you have, but you really need to remove the entire "Releases" folder from your repository.
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Thanks, changed that now. Releases are always hard to find on Github, not sure if they're going to be phased out in favour of something else.
No, Releases were just recently added a couple months ago after they phased out the old system (the Downloads tab).
Ah. I wish they would change the structure of the online repos then. I havent been able to find a way to access the releases page other than manually adding the location in the address bar of the browser.
Hm? From the first page you posted, look along the top right below the description and there should be a bar with an option to look at Releases.
BruceJohnJennerLawso wrote:
I havent been able to find a way to access the releases page
You should get that blind spot checked out by a doctor.

I stand corrected. Thought that was just stats, not a link. :facepalm:
Okay, version 1.10 is now available here:

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