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How important? (For Employed Engineers/Developers)

How important was your image in moving you forward in your endeavors/ambitions? I'm trying to do a lot of different things, and I'm curious to know what experienced people think.

Also, I am debating dropping out of college or changing my major to physics or business to use my time to do more of what I love to do, good at, and at an attempt to make it into a living. I'm good at development, just not feeling challenged in my current curriculum.

I thank you all, for your helping me. As this internet was a powerful tool in obtaining the knowledge that I know, more so than college has been. I go to an accredited University, but its not a Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, or Berkeley, and I've reached the conclusion that I am going to have to build my own network in order to grow. I could do it under the pressure of going to college or I can do it with full time. Just not sure what the best course of action is. Most people I go to college with are learning how to program at a trivial level.

If feel like I need to give back, and at the same time make a living rather than rote learn useless information or doing random mundane tasks that are not constructive.

Again, thank you active/genius users who use this website. Many of your usernames escape me, but I believe you know who you are if you have responded to my threads.
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Help a fellow engineer out please. Someone has to know something. What I mean about image, I mean public accessibility such as online presence, or community presence. I will be extremely grateful.
I'm not an engineer though.
I was pretty lucky because I landed my (first) current job thanks to the only contact I had in the programming world. So I'd say it was pretty important.
I'm not an engineer though.

Well the distinction between developer and engineer is not too much of a difference imo.

How did you gain a contact? Working on a code repo?

I'm hungry, lol. I feel like starting something up, to prove myself to myself, just to see where it goes.

Thanks maeridan.
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It happened a year ago. It was a 6 months course on mobile app development. The guy was our iOS teacher.

He's young and we had a good time chatting during breaks. I wasn't trying to "get a contact" because I didn't yet understand how important they are.
Then last october I mail him asking if he needs help with anything (hoping to get stuff for my CV) and it turns out his company was looking for python programmers. Really lucky as I said.
Its either luck or a blessing. You entered the conversation without expecting much and you were rewarded with opportunity.
Contacts! I've got an interviews strictly because I know people. Got a developer internship because I know someone else who interned and now works at the place.
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