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Is it ok to copy this website onto my pc?

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I was wondering if it would be ok to copy this website locally onto my pc using website copier software. I only want it for my personal use in case i have no internet connection.
I can't imagine why not. As long as you don't release as your own work, then you're fine. People download websites all the time. Just keep in mind, it won't fully work. Anything that requires server-side work isn't going to happen.
You may have issues if you're using Windows: some filenames of the Reference will contain forbidden characters, such as "<". (Of course this won't be a problem if your website copier is smart enough to rename them and the links to them.)

And alternative Reference (although more expert-friendly) is located at:

It is also readily downloadable:

You might also be interested in:

And it too is readily downloadable:
all you would really have to do is use wget recursively on the site
wget -m url
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