backup and recovery and Acronis

Hello, I am considering the purchase of multiply licenses of Acronis for backup and recovery. I am worried about my computers if there is an illegal shutdown or other destruction. Is this the path to take or are there built in ways that a computer protects its operating system and perhaps its applications.

From what I guess an illegal shutdown can cause damage to the operating system (Windows) and/or applications. My computers are: 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

It seems like by now there would be decent built in protection. What I am not talking about is an operating system reinstallation from the original CD, or original partitioned hard drive.



What started this really is I am trying to protect damage to Visual C++ application, the source files, and the executables. I don't want damage to the application and/or files to cause problems in the compiled project.
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I imagine the safest way to go about this would instead be the use of an external hard drive to hold those files, and a portable download of Visual C++. Stick some Truecrypt encryption on it and even if someone steals it, they can't get in.
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