school system and stabbed with a pencil

my girlfriends mom is a second grade public school teacher. she was attacked by one of her students when he took a pencil and tried stabbing it into her face. she managed to hold him off but he stuck the pencil into her forearm. the school did absolutely nothing about it.

thats just wrong. what can be done about this? the student should be removed from the class. he has been causing problems and has got my girlfriend very stressed out.

Please help. what should we do?
Talk to child's parents...
It sounds like your girlfriends mother either works in an S.E.D. class or a disciplinary boarding school where children like this are expected to be. In either one of those cases there isn't much she can do since these outbursts are likely why the child is there to begin with. The school should be doing something more to make sure the child is properly diagnosed and taking their medication. It's likely that CPS is already involved in the life of a child like this so there is little to nothing that you or your girlfriend can do. As for her mother? In a better world it's not something that she should have to do, but self-defense courses might not be a bad idea.

second grade public school teacher

but self-defense courses might not be a bad idea.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore
I agree with ModShp.
self-defense courses
I don't think she needs this to fend off second graders who are 7 years old.
S.E.D. = Severely Emotionally Disturbed. Since it isn't normal for a second grader to stab their teacher, I am assuming she is working with kids that have psychiatric disorders. In that case it might be useful to recognize some of the signs that suggest that you are about to be attacked. She doesn't have to break the kids arm.
Or does she...
Sounds like less of a job for the school to deal with it and more of a job for the police.

Assault is assault.
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Is it really that hard to fend off 7 year old, pencil or not? I mean.. maybe if he got the jump on ya... </joking>

1) The child should be removed from school, as his actions are clearly harmful to those around him. Trying to provide him opportunities should not harm the potential opportunities of others.

2) Nothing should happen (stern talking too, in-school detention (which does nothing)). While I can't talk for all parents, most of my friends from school had parents just as shit as my own who treated them like a nuisance and based everything on either how much money they were wanting or whether it was a waste of their time, rather than whether it would further their child's growth.

There is no winning. The above is the main reason I get really pissed off whenever people have kids as if they're commodities or to meet societal expectations. It goes beyond angry... simply because I can sympathize for the kid a lot more than I can for the parent.

Also, we all know a correctional facility doesn't correct anything, if not make it much, MUCH worse. It's like sending a homosexual child to church camp. You end up with people telling you that you're always in the wrong, completely disregarding your entire mindset, and having people constantly project their point of view onto you.

I understand some kids have natural emotional issues but I heavily doubt that's a common case. Cases like this could probably be prevented from decent parenting.

I also don't know the entire context. Just because the teacher is part of OP's family doesn't make her completely perfect. I've had teachers tell me some completely fucked up things just to agitate me simply because they can as nobody would believe me compared to a teacher. The whole situation sucks.
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