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no matching call for function to QList::append(QString&,QDate,bool)ate


class Review : public SoftwareReview_MainWindow

Review(QString name, QDate date, bool recommend);


QString Name;
QDate Date;
bool Recommend;



QList <Review*> Software_Data;

void SoftwareReview_MainWindow::on_addButton_clicked()

QMessageBox warning;

if(ui->txtName->text() !="")

//error is pointing to line below Software_Data.append(ui->txtName->text(),ui->dateEdit_Date->date(),ui->RecomCheckBox->isChecked());

recommend ='N';

Please assist in understanding this error and where i am wrong. Thank you
In Qlist class there is no append() function which takes three parameters. What do you want to do anyway?
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now its clear about QList. i wanted to store three input values in QList at once. But i guess for me to that i am going to need to perhaps convert all the input values into a .text() so that i can append them as a string rather than individual values.
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