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I know this isn't exactly c++ but has anyone used blender 2.69 and if so have you used the collision sensor. i am trying to but i can't get the property to work i'm not sure how to make it only count if it touches my cone.
Yes, and no. I just use it to make simple models that look like they are from the early 90s.
I love blender!!

I don't know what you are currently working on, but I do know, that to make collision work, both of the objects in question must have collision detection checked.
i know that but i need to know what to write for the property. i am using an older tutorial but i am able to use most of it however it tells me to write the property as the material like this:

it doesn't do anything.

P.S. it is set up correct because when i don't put a property in it works. but i want it to work with only my cone.
Wait, I haven't done much with it, but I thought MA:Name was for to get back to using it more.
it is my tutorial told me to put that as the property (replacing name with the material name)
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What tutorial? Do you even know if it is right? Some tutorials published can be wrong. Hard to help you with this if we don't know what tutorial you are referencing to make it.
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i am using the blender noob to pro 3d tutorial. as i said it is an older tutorial but most of it still works and that which doesn't i can usually figure out based on the information given
but this is beside the point what do i put for the property name if my cone is called Cone and its material is call coneMat
Well unless someone has already done it or you give us a direct link to the tutorial section you are using then there is nothing we can do to help you with this. Blender Noob to Pro 3D tut is a fairly large series of tutorials to sift through. It isn't like we are going to instantly know what you have to do just by saying what you are doing and so far sifting through the site, I've yet to find a tutorial on collision or anything so I'm not sure what you have to do.
that is the same tutorial I am currently going through, but you are farther along than me. Cant help much yet.

and i am up to the falling sub chapter

Note: i am using a plane underneath the maze instead of a large cube
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The problem with that tutorial is that, the version of Blender I am using doesn't have half the options so I would be stuck googling for finding the updated material to find what has changed. I got to the Motion subchapter before hitting a snag due to the UI being completely different between my version (2.69) and the version it was originally written for (2.44).
I had time to look into the UI. In 2.69, they removed the Sensor Touch option and replaced it with Collision. So here is what I have done, and it works on my version:
your solution worked Specter
I almost PM'ed you to find out if it helped. Glad to hear it did. I held off doing the rest in case you run into other problems and need help with it.
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