April Fools Day Reminder

So it's almost everyone else's favorite time of year again. About now is the time to start gearing up for your pranks. Anyone have any plans they want to share?

Also, a question on an unrelated note: Is it considered radio piracy if you're targeting a specific receiver, let's say a PA system, that uses part of the open spectrum? And is Max Headroom too old for people to recognize his voice over such a device?
anyone who blocks / stops any of these crappy radio station signals is a friend of mine.
Will probably call up my ex girlfriend and say I want to get back with her and ask if it's okay if I drop around to see her. I'm sure this will lead to some talking and then make up sex, after which, I'll say 'You know how I said I wanted to get back with you... April Fool!"

Max who?
@Mats That is just mean. What did she do wrong to you?
I have open and widely used by neighbours WiFi internet access. I guess I just redirect all porn sites to disney.com, or redirect everything to random porn site, depending on my mood in the morning.
@ Luc Lieber: I thank you for your support in the most sincere way that I can without necessarily admitting responsibility for any event that may or may not coincidentally occur in my vicinity.

@ Mats: I agree that one is kind of mean, and also a bit presumptuous. What if you've over estimated her feelings? Do you really want to be known as "that guy" either way?

@ MiiNiPaa: Redirect everything to that Time Cube guy's website! That way they can break their brains when they try to read it to try and understand what is going on.
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