Have nothing to program...

Hi guys. I finished my first book on programming in C++ about 2 months ago. But now I have nothing to program. Sure I work on some of my old "kiddy" projects, but the thing is I don't have any assignments or exercises to do. Meanwhile I upgraded my skills to C++ 11, and I'm also reading a second more advanced book on C++. What should I do? I applied for a couple of internships, but I still haven't gotten an answer. Should I implement some data structures or std algorithms to keep myself busy?

Thanks in advance!
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im writing a JIT Compiler using this tutorial: http://llvm.org/docs/tutorial/LangImpl1.html. one of the best ive found by far. There is a great balance between teaching advanced concepts and still keeping it easy enough to understand
Giving yourself projects to do is definitely a good idea. If you make a decent job of them, you can put them in a portfolio too. You could also learn some new libraries -> Some stuff from Boost that interests you, SDL for gaming/graphics interest, OpenGL for good graphics knowledge, wxWidgets or QT for GUIs.

Some project ideas might include making a calculator (complete with GUI), a text editor, a small game (tetris, space invaders)...
You could help me with this problem:
Our problem is going to take an N x N matrix, and create a new, (N-1) x (N- 1), matrix with each element being the sum of four nearby elements. You need to figure out a way to break the matrix up into squares and iterate through the matrix, while staying within its bounds.
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