Concern over uncomplete install, etc.

I am trying to update an old slow Windows XP computer. The update was done from the internet. Out of 76 high priority updates one failed and the last one never did complete install.

When the last update was installing I waited a long time and then canceled out and received a message, 'canceling updates.' While in progress I clicked on the X button.

The last update that didn’t complete was for malicious file remover tool. I removed the Microsoft Essentials previously and perhaps that’s why this wouldn't complete?

The other upgrade, a fail status, was for 2008 server, I would guess that this is not really needed by me?

I think everything is well and that the ‘canceling updates’ message does not remove more than the most recent single update which was the incomplete malicious tool update.

However, the possible removal of this update was prevented.

How do I remove any residual (remainders) from these two updates especially the lingering of any of the malicious file remover tool?

Will everything be okay?

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Do a system restore before the time the updates were installed. That's the only possible way that I know of to remove installed updates.
If everything works fine, everything should be OK.

Found the answer for XP. Go to Control Panel, than Programs, than click on box : show updates. There they are with there installation dates. You should be able to remove them, I think so anyway!

The website also has a list history of updates, I assume it is those installed. I still never did find the tool malicious remover march 2014, I guess maybe it was named something else.



Other systems are similar (Program and Features...)

Supposedly if the windows update is incomplete, it will pick up where it left off.
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Pretty soon they won't make any more updates for windows xp.
Actually, they've already stopped supporting XP last year. Therefore you won't find any 2014 updates.
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