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What do you think about that?
A couple years ago, I feel as though a topic like that would have been answered with humor. A few quips regarding it's complete uselessness, which would then have lead to an entirely different discussion.

Reporting works too.

EDIT: evidently, whoever reported it, un-reported it.
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Yes, it is the lounge so I figured I'd have a bit of fun. Some disdain towards useless lounge posts is almost always humorous (90% of the time... its funny 100% of the time).

Either way, there's clearly some negative attitude against people who don't have a high post count, else people would have certainly treated me differently among my 33 posts, some of which I've already been called a troll and ignorant.

I think some opinion on the matter would be interesting. ;)
I think it would be interesting to see a frequency histogram of post count vs. number of users with that number of posts.

I wonder what kind of distribution would best model it...(sorry, the statistics in my math class has been getting to my head).
I agree there seems to be some that treat those with low counts Like they know nothing. BTW I know who you were ;)
Speaking of the report button. May I just say: WHAT THE FUCK. Every thread I see has someone getting reported, often for no reason I can easily discern. For 3 years I saw the report button used extremely seldomly or by trolls. Now it's being thrown around willy-nilly.
naraku9333, the moment I signed up, someone greeted me within minutes on Quakenet. Quite surprising actually. Hopefully, I'll keep a healthier mindset this time. :D
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So, here you go:


This is a prime example of some of the responses you'll generally find in this community. Do you think he would act the same if he knew who I was or if my post count was higher?
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What the hell is going on? Nox is being as far from rude or trollish as you could hope for on an internet forum and is getting shit/reported for it. Seriously, did you post a link to hard core pornography claiming it to be a new tutorial you're working on?
Herm... although I didn't add the name, the quote above is from a different thread. Perhaps they didn't like that? I'll remove it if requested to.
This got me nervous, but I haven't touched the report button since two weeks or more.
I am honestly curious though of the above questions. It seems to me that it does happen that people are biased based on post count. I think ideas concerning how to prevent or discourage that should be welcomed and perhaps eventually implemented. If it's not post count, what is it?

Some forums don't show post count at all and use a reputation score based on how others vote them. But unfortunately, this forum hasn't really shown that that would work, as I think they would just down vote based on anyone that seems new. I don't really like the idea of encouraging heavier moderation as well as it makes the environment feel censored and restricted.

What are some of the ideas others have?
I don't think it is you personally or that you are 'new'. I think it is just that users are way more defensive thanks to trolls. We have had a lot of issues with one troll in particular and in the other thread you mentioned you were a former member who left. Because of how many times admin has banned him and he got around it with proxies, I think it has certain members up in arms so that every little thing they can find wrong in a post they report it thinking it is the former troll trying to start again.

We have had debates a few times over post counts and nothing has ever been reached.

I wouldn't take it too serious, they review all reports and check them for validity. If reports have no grounds admin just removes the report and ignores the one reported.
I get suspicious when someone with low post count behaves unlike a new member typically would but at the same time doesn't use a recognizable username.

Case in point, this thread.
You could identify yourself to reduce the tension.
People aren't just biased due to post count; they are biased due to almost everything! It's these kind assumptions based on limited information (in this case, attributing higher post post members different attributes) that have allowed us to thrive as a species and allow us to make such great progress in general and to live relatively easily in the far-removed from nature modern world.

So yes people are biased due to post count, but it's innate and therefore is not going to change. Furthermore, I think many attributes associated with high or low post counts in the majority of cases hold true.

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@Catfish666: Being one who quit around the computerquip times, it's either:
1. Computerquip
2. Zereo
3. Grey Wolf
4. DTSCode
5. Some other user that really hated me
6. Some other user that I really hated

The people who left in that topic are just too many.
I'm really unable to list all of the possibilities.
But I'm almost certain it's computerquip.
He's probably the only guy whose ragequit was directly related to me, despite the harmlessness of my intentions.
It's obviously Computerquip. You can easily tell from his writing style.
Grey Wolf came back and is Canis lupus now. Not sure why DTSCode left.
@ Mats, I don't think being biased in any manner is viable unless that specific user has a history of being violent or harmful. This account has no such things attached to it yet some of the responses were clearly meant to drive me away, some quite blatantly asking me to leave. Do you think such responses were justified?
One thing you may want to consider is that by the looks of it some figured out who you were (not me, but then again due to anonymity I didn't care because in my mind the next new guy could just be spoon up to his old tricks again) before the 33 posts. Some of the hostility may not be from thinking you are new, but from the fact that some think you "ragequit" under you other account after claiming insults and mistreatment that no one was able to find proof of outside of one thread concerning a Raspberry Pi. They may just be holding a grudge over the previous accusations that were left unproven from your previous account.
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