Adoption by Homosexual Couples

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Also, it's the lack of understanding that often makes an atheist.
It's quite the contrary, theists often fill anything they don't understand with "God". Atheists have a tendency to try and find an explanation but are also capable of not understanding something.
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@little bobby: I have told you that you are created by God and your reply is that you evolved from slime.
I have no relation to slime nor anything evolving from, thus you. You quoted me but didn't see the words looking at youuu. Are your eyes atheists! Mehn!
Atheism is believing in nothing? Then my view on it was incorrect. I find it empty and void. That doesn't work with me.
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On that note, I have everything to live for. You have everything to die for.
Atheism is believing in nothing?

Christianity the act of being brainwashed into believing what others tell you?
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@gilbit: there is something wrong. Are your brain cells atheists!
Why do you believe in brain cells? The bible never talked about them...
Nathan, I'm sorry to tell you - but what you say doesn't influence facts. So you can say that aliens came to earth, brought you with them, or that you're created by god - it doesn't matter. Facts are obvious, and you can look it up - it's PROVEN that evolution did happen. We didn't of course evolved from slime nor apes - your lack of ability to read is frightening - but we have common ancestor in the same way, as you're not your grandfather, but you may have some traits similar or same to him. Denying evolution shows your ignorance to facts, and makes your arguments unreliable.
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Who said anything about believing in brain cells? Is that a scientific religion?
If your brain cells are atheists, they are nothing meaning you have no brain. But i would like to believe no one's brain is atheist.
you misunderstand the meaning of aethiest nathan. i misspoke too. its not the belief in nothing, rather that there is nothing beyond this life. im sorry i thought that would be evident
Well clearly you believe brain cells exist. But the bible never said anything about them. Brain cells were discovered under the processes of science. You've made it clear you'd rather believe the bible then understand the world. So, why do you believe in brain cells? They weren't in the bible. How could they POSSIBLY exist?

If your brain cells are atheists, they are nothing meaning you have no brain

Ahhh, I love the smell of fallacy in the morning.
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disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.
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Your ability to ignore what another person posted is slimy.
Whenever you do find that creature (slime, ape, kangaroo, earthworm, dinosaur, sabertooth tiger, griffin etc.) you evolved from, tell it i said hi. And that it's the common ancestor of a group of people but not everyone, you know why, because some people truly believe they came from slime (here), apes (here) and other people God (I and many other people).
Your ability to ignore what another person posted is slimy.

Pot, meet kettle.
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I'm not familiar with that acronym.
I'm sorry to tell you - I won't say hi to this creature. It doesn't exist anymore. It evolved.
Seriously, sorry for asking - how old are you? Because all what you're saying suggests to me, that you're either very old(2222 could be your age ;) ), and you were thought something and now you're too old to learn new things, in which case I wouldn't blame it on you, or you're too young to understand what we're saying(and that's why you're saying such stupid things about science with such great confidence).
Really, at least in my country, they teach about evolution, DNA, physics, mutations, etc. in school, at the age of 16. I thought it's kind of standard.
"In programming, would you have separate MalePerson and FemalePerson classes? Or one Person class with a gender field?"

@ L_B I am not sure what how I'm suppose to interpret this, equality perhaps.
The second one for me but that probably says more about how I program than my option in whatever it is your saying.

I might be a bit late to this topic but whatever. My view on homosexuality is vague because as some of you have said it is a complex thing. I cannot see past the fact of the infringement of other peoples liberties. I am not really thinking about whether it is right or wrong (if there is such a thing) but the absence of liberties. Yes it could possibly srew kids up a bit or confuse them, but I would say kids are pretty screwed up and confused anyway so ya. How much more can a gay couple really damage a juvenile than a straight couple, again my point of view is not coming from the positive or negative that will come of it.
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Yes, i'm 2,222 years old. Why do you think it's part of my name. It's just like i think you are made of Rock ;) . I learnt about science completely 2200 years ago but got bored with it because i realised it led no where. Can't you meditate with it. Some Rocks are made of organic matter that has decomposed over thousands of years so you're probably older than me. Can't you connect with that creature?
Oh, and what's your Rock age.
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You sure like avoiding questions. First I had to ask 4 times to get answer about bible(which wasn't really an answer), and now you can't tell me your age.

But I agree, in some cases I'm rock-hard :P
i googled rilay and it doesnt appear to be an actual acronym used by forums.

Really, at least in my country, they teach about evolution

in some states its illegal to teach about it since it goes against some religions
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