10.5 osx iso?

so yesterday my friend sold me a rundown g4 powerpc and i want to make it my project. the first thing i need to do with it though, is load an operating system (since it appears to not have one). i could probably do linux, but i want this to be authentic. does anyone know if there is a free legal download of the 10.5 osx release?
OS X mavericks is the only one that is free that I know of.


It has mixed reviews though so you'd have to do more research.
thanks ill check it out
OS X Mavericks (10.9) does not support PPC based Macs

The last version of OS X to support PPC is Leopard (10.5) so you'll have to find a copy of that.
so update: my boss gave me versions 8 and 9 discs. will those work?
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