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HAve to write a traffic simulator as coursework, need help with ideas

SO all I have to do is draw a cross roads with trafic lights on the screen and have randomly made care objects that can just be rectangles stop for the lights and then move on again, giving the lecturer just this guarantees a 60% mark so long as almost everything is commented, A higher mark is guaranteed if theres any kind of flare added.

so rather than just firing rectangles across the screen and getting them to stop if a red light.collision box is on I was thinking of car objects with their own functions to keep them on the road and perhaps the ability to stay on the right side despite turning, oh and turning arches have to be smooth.

If I manage that the next thing I was thinking is an automatic random road drawing option.

Any ideas how I can get a car to turn onto another road without getting lost, I know I could get it to do the same saized turn from the same point and have the care adjust to the right place automaticaly, but I can just tell theres a lot of unforseen problems.

Do you reckon you could do this challange?
I could try this :o. I'll be starting on it now xD.

I shall notify if I succeed! xD

(Note the overuse of 'I')

EDIT: Nvm...its getting complicated, sorry.
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I yous I too much do I? never though I did, im glad you ointed that out
@ devonrevenge: I actually meant that I used too much 'I' in my post lol. ;)
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